Willie and Mike(Fire Worshippers)  is  a Ghana based  gospel duo  who have travelled  as far as Canada,France,Germany,Italy,Nigeria,USA, Holland,Sweden,Belgium and many parts of Africa.Willie and Mike are  known in real life as Asamoah Williams and Michael A. Adomako respectively. Demonstrating the power and the love of God through gospel music,  and  their unique way of presenting worship in different dialects such as in english,twi,yoruba,french,deutch and so on is what makes them stand tall in Africa and globally.By the grace of God, they have had the opportunity to perform on the same platforms with world acclaimed gospel artistes like Cece Winans of USA, Donnie Mclurkin of USA,Daughters of Glorious Jesus of Ghana,Soji  Israel,Uche Agu  of Nigeria , only to mention a few.

 Willie and Mike  have been very instrumental in many charity and evangelism projects.As part of their social responsibilities,they are  forstering  two orphanage homes in Ghana(KUMASI CHILDRENS HOME-KUMASI) AND (ANGELS OF HOPE-TARKWA) where they make constant donations  twice every year.They also embark on rural evangelism in areas like Juapong-Volta Region,Tarkwa,Bogoso-Western Region, and other parts of the nation and in the world.

Willie who hails from Asante Mampong was born in Kumasi on the 20th of May 1982 to the late Mr Emmanuel Asamoah, a tutor and Mad. Agnes Dufie , seamstress.He attended Garden City Senior High School  and Kumasi Anglican High School respectively .In Garden City High School,he doubled as  the Senior Charplain of the school. By age 7, Willie had lost his dad and he and his siblings of five,  were  taken care of single-handedly by the widow-her mom.´´We went through hell after the demise of my father…..You know our culture of widowhood rites and how women undergo a lot of torture when they lose their husbands.“, Willie said. He gives commendation for his christian life to one Bishop Kofi Asiedu whom he met during these tough  times  who led him to Christ and showed him and his  family care and love  in diverse ways.

Mike who also hails from Secondi Takoradi was also born and bred in Kumasi to Mr. John  K. Adomako, a civil servant and Mad. Joyce Ocran an educationist. He had his senior High School education at Atebubu Senior High School and later continued at the Kumasi Anglican Senior High School where he completed in 2002. It was recorded that Mike`s love for music  is innate and it was visibly noted from infancy  where he would be seen  gather  his peers and and would teach them how to sing and play guitars with milk tins and thread.At times in church service,he would stand on table and be conducting the church choir to the admiration of all.No wonder  he became the music director of his school in SHS 2.At age four, his parents  got divorced due to circumstances best known to the couple. The mother had to take care of him, until his dad returned from Finland and opted for him to come and stay with him in  Atebubu where he was then the District Co-ordinating Director of the District Assembly.After school he came back to kumasi.

Fire Worshippers who were childhood friends  reunited after school  where  they  formed a singing  group of three, including one lady- Akua Mawuli, and this group was  named   Divine Melodians in the Divine Gospel Ministry  in  Kumasi  where they  fellowshipped. The duo preached in markets and schools to win souls for Christ.With their inborn talent of writing and composing songs,the two decided to take the word further  through music. At certain point in time,they had to sleep at ministry`s office as the  “the watchmen “ for  instruments since the ministry  could not pay  the security guards in charge of the instruments.

It was during this time that they took advantage of the situation and rehearsed and arranged new songs.As a norm they had to come out first with demo.Financing this demo was not easy since they had just come out of school,money was a big problem.Consulting loved ones  and people  who loved their ministry,they finally,chanced on  one lady,a seamstress  called  Sister Afua who believed in their ministry and agreed to offer them  half of the money through her daily sales of  Ghp50.They also got the rest of the money from Rev.Dr. Eric O. Mensah of World Changers Chapel,Kumasi.

After the demo,the most difficult task was as usual,how to get a producer.With  constant prayer and fasting… “One night we prayed that whole night and in the morning  our producer called us that we should be getting ready to go to the studio to record our master album…..God did answer our prayer  after a long 21 days fasting“ They recalled,they hooked up with one Mr. Stephen Asiedu of Asteve Audiovisual Production, who saw the talent in them and produced their first album dubbed “MEMPENE” which was an instant hit and  won two nominations in 2006 Ghana Music Awards as Best New Gospel Artistes of the Year and Discovery of the Year.

Willie and Mike are both graduands of the primiere university,The University of Ghana- Legon where Willie read BA (Music and Theatre Arts) and Mike B.A( Political Science and Theatre Arts) and left in 2010

Now willie and Mike can boast of four  albums so far.namely, MEMPENE,  NKOMHYE( PROPHECY) AND , COVENANT KEEPING GOD, FAVOUR.And  also willie and mike has one vcd which features their live performance and two of their songs videos,.Willie  and mike also preach,, teach and motivates people through their ministry.



Willie and Mike Foundation   has been in existence since 2007 as a not-for- profit Organization. The core mission of this foundation is to be a voice to the voiceless and care for the orphaned and destitute children in both city and remote areas in Ghana. Willie and Mike Foundation have been very instrumental in many charity and evangelism projects. As part of our social responsibilities we are currently fostering two orphanage homes in Ghana,namely, Kumasi Children’s Home –(Kumasi/Ashanti Region)  and Tarkwa Angels of Hope(Tarkwa/Western Region)  to which  we make constant donations more than twice annually.

Our foundation also embark on rural evangelism in areas like Juapong-Volta Region, Tarkwa, Bogoso-Western Region, Obuasi-Ashanti Region,Bolgatanga –Northern region  and other parts of the nation and this gives us more insight and experience as far as less privileged children in our rural areas battle in life through no fault of theirs..


  • Promote Evangelism through inspirational music across the globe
  • Empower the up coming generation to be able to identify their God’s given talent and motivate them to utilize it to the glory of God and to the benefit of the society within which they are and the world at large.
  • Provide quality and unbiased support to exceptionally brilliant students but needy to further their education.
  • Provide monetary and in-kind scholarships for students in the rural areas and orphanages to further their education
  • To Preach The Word of God through Music and also to Set the Captives Free

Your contribution and Donations to the Willie and Mike Foundation will be churned towards:

  • Build Resource Center to train orphans and streets children on how to unearth their Gods given talent through music, dance, drama, craftsmanship, Technology, farming and many other talents and gifts to help relieve the continent from its high unemployment rate.
  • Provide food, clothing, shelter, medical care and quality education to the vulnerable souls in orphanage homes especially, in our rural areas that have no voice to share the ordeals they are going through because of lack of funds.
  • Purchase of instruments (loud speakers, keyboards, guitars, trumpet etc.) for evangelism in rural areas, high schools and tertiary institutions.


Providing food, clothing, quality education, medical care, and other needs for so many children is a great challenge. Willie and Mike Foundation is therefore in constant need of financial and material assistance to enable us care for these vulnerable children and give them hope for a brighter future.

Angels of Hope Orphanage in Tarkwa, one of our fostered homes, has over seventy (70) children and the number keep increasing day by day.

Currently, the home is in a critical need of a temporary structure to house the increasing number of orphaned children abandoned in the streets. Food, clothing and school fees have constantly become a burden to this home.  They also need means of transport, like a bus to convey children to school daily. The home also is pleading for a library facility   furnished with computer and books where children can learn after they have closed from school. They also need a dining hall and a house for some of the voluntary teachers who visit the home.

Kumasi Children’s Home is also in dire need of a bus to transport kids and teachers around for sports, academic and other purposes. They also need a vocational training center for the adolescents in the home. They also need additional boarding facilities to house the increasing number of children in the home. More so the home need counselors and specialists to help meet the psychological development and needs of the children, since true development does not lie only in the presence of infrastructure but the development of the mind.

Our fundraising coordinators have provided various options that a supporter can select from:

Here is how you can help:

General Upkeep 100 Monthly
1200 Annually

Basic School Fees 400 Annually
Senior High School 800 Annualy
Tertiary tuition fees 2000 Annually
Educational materials 60 Annually

  • Cash donation: Any appreciable amount from individuals
  • Purchasing of Willie and Mike CDs and DVDs, Clothing, books, school bags, pampers   and other products
  • Churches and other interdenominational and organizations can make annual donations or can organize fundraising to support this foundation.
  • Legacy gift: A planned gift in a will or trust
  • Corporate giving and sponsorship package: Businesses can provide grants and sponsorships to our fund raising programs and events. They are also encouraged to partake in our quarterly worship conferences and other launching programs.



FavourMarch 20, 2014

1. In the beginning ,2-Jesus est mon amie(francophone ), 3-Favour, 4-Fa me ye(remix), 5-Excellent God ,6-Menka sen, 7-I command, 8-You deserve, 9-Blessed assurance, 10Mensu bio | All songs written, composed, arranged and performed by Willie and Mike(Fire worshippers). Willie and Mike are lead vocals to all the songs. | The Favour Track and keyboards for Mensu Bio were recorded and mixed by Sha Read More...


Covenant Keeping GodMarch 20, 2014

COVENANT KEEPING GOD. 1-Menny3 mmobo da, 2-Covenant keeping God, 3-Okum me daa, 4-W’asiesie me, 5-Mmremu dua mu, 6-Aseda, 7-Osore, 8-Meda woase.   |MISSION AND PROJECTS Willie and Mike (Fire Worshippers) have been very instrumental in evangelism and organisation of worship and leadership training in churches, high schools, tertiary institutions and villages in Ghana and globally. They are also the host of inspirational Read More...


MempeneMarch 20, 2014

MEMPENE TRACKS: 1-Osoro hene, 2- Awurade me nso, 3-Mempene, 4-Yesu Do, 5-Nea mehu yi, 6-Otumfuo, 7-Awurade so me mu, 8-Me ma wo amo | CREDIT All songs written, composed, arranged and performed by Williams Owusu Asamoah and Michael Asumadu Adomako | SOUND PRODUCERS: Daniel Bassey (Bassey House of Music, Ksi-Ghana) George Forest(Forest Recording Studio, Ksi-Ghana) Kwaku Dua(K.D Studios, Read More...



18th -20th April 2014

2014 Easter Convention

11th - 12th April 2014

Zion Worship 2014

Favour Blog


20th AnniversaryMarch 13, 2015



A boy graduated from the university and was set to travel to USA to further his studies but his wicked uncle prepared a charm to kill him. The boy was on his way to the airport when he died in a terrible accident just because he was weak in prayers. You don’t know what an Read More...

FAVOUR FEVERApril 10, 2014



Favour is coming Now!April 9, 2014

When the devil says no, My Jesus Says Yes! Favour has made it Possible.!!


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Covenant Keeping God

Meda Woase

Covenant Keeping God


Covenant Keeping God


Covenant Keeping God

Mmremu Dua Mu

Covenant Keeping God

W'asiesie Me

Covenant Keeping God

Okum Me Daa

Covenant Keeping God

Covenant Keeping God

Covenant Keeping God

Mennye Mmobo Da


Me Ma Wo Amo


Awurade So Me mu




Nea Mehu Yi


Yeso Do




Awurade Me Nso


Osoro Hene


Mensu Bio


Blessed Assurance


In The Beginning


Jesu Est Mon Amie




Fa Me Ye


Excellent God


Menka Sen


I Command


You Deserve